Everytime I open my phone I smile ❤️ @devescaliente #forevergirlcrush #dev
With @xpactor920 hi bro!! :))
Crap I look like.. 😳 Eyebags. Bad hair. Pale face. What finals can do. 😒
National siblings day ❤️❤️ @carmelagonzales @honeyboy08 I love you brother and sister!! Thank you for spoiling me. Hehe! Be happy always 😘
Whenever I’m at school I miss this doggie 🐶 #prince #minipinscher
This is the cause of my stress. 😳
Ang vain neto. :)) @jsaliente
Busy people.. 😳
1st day of april well spent with fambam ❤️✌️ (at Kopi Tiam by North Park)
Customized my powerbank ❤️ pouch made by yours truly ✌️ @powerbankph
Sundate with fambam ❤️ @honeyboy08 @carmelagonzales #mom #dad #redbuffalo #family (at Red Buffalo Wings & Pizza)
Meh lips 👄
This is what boredome can do to me
She’s just gorgeous

That moment

That moment when you just want to be free from all the dramas. Where you want to walk away with just your pocket money and nothing else. Where no one could disturb you. Where you can see a very beautiful horizon that will help you relax, even just for a day.

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